May 19, 2021

IT Engineer

  • Kindbody
  • Atlanta, Georgia
Full time

Job Description

As an IT Engineer at Kindbody, you will be responsible for maintaining our infrastructure, working on internal and cross-departmental projects, resolving tier 3 escalations from our help desk and more broadly, making everything better. You should be the sort of person that naturally recognizes low hanging fruit of all sorts--ineffective workflows, incomplete documentation, etc.--and be compelled to do something about it. As a result, this is a highly visible role, with equal parts specific IT skills as well as interpersonal soft skills. So, we need someone energetic, inquisitive, and passionate, and you should genuinely enjoy of helping people. It will also take flexibility and a willingness to roll up your sleeves, but the possibilities for learning and advancement are incredible. >Frustrated with a recurring issue? Solve it. >Hate a clunky process? Optimize it. >Have a great idea for a project? Pitch it! Improvement can be found in all the things: automate repetitive tasks, implement better tools, improve usage of existing tools, etc. Develop our support knowledge base and ways to better leverage it Secure and administer client endpoints An example of some current projects that are in early stage of completion: Configure Meraki vMX w/ split tunnel, RingCentral implementation, test new DLP tool, troubleshoot a Google Workspace traffic filtering issue, and an endless array of similarly interesting challenges.

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