May 19, 2021

Enterprise Support Engineer

  • Exo
  • Redwood City, CA
Full time

Job Description

Job Summary: Exo is seeking an experienced Enterprise Support Engineer to join our Exo Works team. Your core responsibilities are to design, develop and maintain interfaces, integrations, and connectivity to all types of vendors used within the Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) workflow features with large enterprise (primarily health systems) customers around the world. The candidate is able to confidently discuss POCUS workflow in various hospital departments and is fluent in DICOM and HL7 integrations to provide support to various customer IT and Security teams. Job Responsibilities (but not limited to): Conduct meetings with vendors and clients to develop desired requirements Develop, test and implement interfaces based on customer and vendor requirements/specifications Maintain/enhance all existing interfaces with all vendors/practices Maintain/enhance current HL7 engine Researching problems, testing, training and documenting best practices Prepare and maintain documentation on all interfaces Develop different IT solutions for all types of connectivity requirements Stay current with healthcare regulatory requirements Work with the customer in the analysis of the specifications and then; using the core platform; develop software that will adhere to the specifications. Development of software or workflow documentation or specifications. Facilitate communication between the key participants Delivery of tasks that adhere to the project timeline. Ability to service numerous parallel assignments or projects. Works closely with project team to communicate status and reports Develops and implements solutions coordinating applications across the enterprise or its units/departments. Evaluates existing components or systems to determine integration requirements and to ensure final solutions Reuses components when possible and assists management in buy/build decisions. This position may have potential responsibility for SOC-II Controls. This position may require knowledge of applicable data privacy practices and laws. Minimum Education/Experience Requirements: Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology or related field 3-5 years of relevant experience or equivalent combination of education and work experience Experience with object-oriented programming Experience with creating/working with DLLs Experience with APIs Experience working with healthcare integrations Experience working with the HL7 interface standards and have a strong understanding and working knowledge of HL7 messages, message segments/structure. FHIR experience a plus. Experience with file parsing (HL7, JSON, XML, etc…) is desired Experience with SQL Server is a plus Excellent analytical and communication skills Ability to work in team and solo projects Ability to develop creative solutions to complex problems Ability to deal with a number of tasks/interfaces simultaneously Strong attention to detail

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