May 19, 2021

Director of Product Marketing - Life Sciences

  • Twistle
  • Boston, MA
Full time Science

Job Description

Consistent with its core value to prioritize the interests of patients above all other concerns (#patientsfirst), Twistle has always sought to continuously improve the patient experience. While the healthcare industry may have organized itself into silos of provider, payer, pharmaceuticals, or medical devices, the patient’s needs span across these silos. Twistle aims to serve these needs by offering comprehensive solutions for patient journeys. Twistle started with the patient experience at the healthcare provider, and over the last 18 months has started supporting patients adopting medical devices and taking specialty pharmaceuticals. Thus, Life Sciences (pharmaceuticals and medical device companies) have emerged as a strategic investment area for Twistle based on the product-market fit, revenue diversification, and alignment with the company’s mission. The Director of Product Marketing (DPM) - Life Sciences at Twistle primary focus will be defining, expanding, and executing on Twistle’s Life Sciences offerings. Based on the Twistle’s initial market traction, the DPM will develop the offer contours, pricing, target buying personas, and go-to-market strategy for Twistle among pharmaceutical and medical device companies. They will then develop the market growth plan through development of sales targets, marketing plans and trainings, close attention to foundational customer successes and learnings, and supporting sales directly as a SME. Through 2021, the DPM should meet the 2021 revenue plans and have a full sales kit available, and identify the necessary team and marketing budgets to support the Life Sciences business at Twistle. The DPM will work closely with Twistle’s go-to-market team working with health care providers, and develop cross-market (Healthcare Providers and Life Sciences) approaches to deliver better patient experiences, and stronger market and revenue traction. Reporting to the VP of Marketing, as the DPM you will: Develop a mastery of the Twistle product with special emphasis on the Life Sciences use cases. Be able to demo Twistle to Life Sciences prospects effortlessly, able to describe the key value proposition and deployment process, as well as the basic technology underpinnings. Act as the resident SME on Life Sciences for the company. This includes presenting to stakeholders throughout the organization to ensure common understanding of the market - from all employee meetings to BoD meetings. Evaluate go-to-market strategic alternatives for Twistle in Life Sciences, including models that enroll health systems in distributing patient education about conditions and treatments. Recommend initial go-to-market investments based on the evaluations, that the company can afford and on which it can execute given limited resources Develop the Life Sciences content strategy and the initial suite of collateral (case studies, data sheets, web content, etc…) in support of the go-to-market recommendation to the stage where the collateral is ready for cosmetic design. Define the Life Sciences buyer personas and channels necessary for Twistle to succeed, and formulate methods to generate leverageable relationships with these stakeholders. Train the company’s sales and marketing teams on the Life Sciences offer, and function as the “go to” SME in support of external outreach efforts, including heavy participation in initial sales efforts. Once the go-to-market strategy is validated, work with the marketing team to create demand generation campaigns that will attract the right buyer personas and channel partners. Lead the development of a larger Life Sciences organization as calibrated by the initiative’s success by helping to build IM and CSM dedicated Life Sciences teams. Twistle is a high-growth startup made up of self-starters obsessed with improving health care. Our vision is to make sure every patient feels connected, supported and reassured through their care journey. Our diverse and committed team is proud to partner with leading healthcare and life sciences organizations across the country who are dedicated to improving their patient’s lives and providing tools to better support their teams. It’s an exciting time to join us and have a huge impact on our growth and mission. Twistle’s patient communications platform is deployed at over 200 hospitals, including some of the largest delivery networks in the United States.

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