Orthogonal is a product development and consulting firm that creates software for medical hardware such as smartphone apps talking to devices that operate directly on the human body to treat sickness and injury. Our solutions take on some of the toughest healthcare problems facing our loved ones, healthcare system, and society.

Working at Orthogonal, you will immediately be exposed to projects designed to:

  • Revolutionize the rapid detection of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.
  • Improve the minute-by-minute lives of millions of people suffering from the lifetime affliction of diabetes by managing the delivery of insulin.
  • Transform the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Give patients an at-home means to stimulate specific nerves to treat chronic conditions that drag down their quality of everyday life.
  • Power the next generation of omics-based cancer-detection systems.

Specifically, Orthogonal develops Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), digital therapeutics (DTx), and other types of connected medical devices. We accelerate the product innovation pipeline at medical device, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to modernize patient care and gain competitive advantage.

Orthogonal’s industry-leading experience with SaMD enables us to rapidly develop, launch, and continuously improve connected, compliant products – and we offer this innovative approach to clients, so they can build their own SaMD product development workflows. Over the last decade, we’ve worked with partners ranging from startups to Fortune 500 firms to develop and bring their connected devices to market in a highly regulated space.

Sep 09, 2021
The Senior Systems Engineer will be working with the product, platform, and software engineering team to provide design contr ol and software/systems development guidance. As a Senior Systems Engineer, you'll apply cutting - edge techniques and technologies, build great products, develop reusable platforms and grow great teams. You'll be a key technology and process leader at Orth ogonal and intimately involved in almost every aspect of a solution lifecycle from project inception, engineering design, implementation to maintenance and continuous improvement. These solutions include cloud - based applications, mobile, web, and web serv ices for the life science industry, and are used to manage, process, and store patient health and medical device data to be used for patient diagnosis and treatment. Important aspect of the role: You're comfortable in a client facing role, being a technology leader as well as a team leader. What will...
Orthogonal Remote (Chicago, IL or Remote) Full time
Sep 09, 2021
Who are we looking for? Orthogonal is seeking a candidate for a Principal Software Engineer who will apply cutting-edge techniques and technologies, build great products and great teams that integrate devices, sensors, mobile and cloud computing. What will you do as a Principal Software Engineer? Given a vision for a product by the client, extract technical requirements that need to be addressed by a software and hardware solution Convert requirements into an architecture and design that will become the blueprint for the solution being created, and that supports a specific set of features Provide leadership in identifying, analyzing and responding to project risk Develop presentations, overviews and documentation that communicates the design to both the client and technical team members Assist in taking the design and converting it to raw epics that can be expanded upon and groomed into specific user stories utilized by the UX and development teams Participate...
Orthogonal Remote (Chicago, IL or Remote) Full time