Breathe BioMedical

About Breathe BioMedical: Breathe BioMedical is a Canadian medical device company developing and manufacturing ground-breaking technology for breath analytics including our FDA-listed breath collection device SohnoXB. Breath analytics involves the collection, processing and analysis of breath samples to identify biomarkers patterns associated with specific diseases. Breathe BioMedical has completed a proof-of-concept study demonstrating our technology’s ability to detect non-small cell lung cancer with accuracy of 86.1%. Breathe BioMedical has also partnered on two additional independent research studies to detect breast cancer and COVID-19 with plans to expand research in 2023/2024. Breathe BioMedical’s research and development laboratory is in Moncton, New Brunswick and its US subsidiary is located in Boston, MA. One day, detecting disease will be as easy as breathing in and out.