Zetagen Therapeutics

Founded in 2015, Zetagen is a private, clinical-stage, biopharmaceutical company dedicated to driving breakthrough innovation in the treatment of metastatic bone cancers and osteologic interventions. Our multi-patented, ZetaMet™ technology is a first-of-its kind molecular pathway designed to suspend cancer, inhibit pain, and regenerate bone. Zetagen exclusively-licensed the platform technology from the State University of New York in 2016. 

This novel therapy, a drug delivered by a proprietary carrier to the tumor site, has successfully passed its preclinical trials and is being prepared for its first human clinical trial in Q1 2022. In addition to ZetaMet™, the Company’s pipeline includes other oncologic treatments for Skeletal Related Events (SREs), i.e., ZetaMet Flowable™ and ancillary osteologic treatments including, ZetaFuse™, ZetaSet™, ZetaDent™ and ZetaBase™. The Company is supported through Series A funding, private and angel investors, and Phase I and Phase II NIH research grants.