Ceevra is a San Francisco-based, medical software company that helps surgeons (mainly cancer surgeons) plan and operate better through advanced imaging. We take standard CT scans and MRIs and transform them into brilliant, interactive 3D digital models which are viewed by surgeons from their mobile phones, tablets, or through robotic surgery platforms. We help surgeons determine the best type of operation to perform and the best way to perform it – resulting in faster operations, reduced hospital stay, saved organs, and reduced cancer recurrence. A quick explainer video: vimeo.com/441446067

Ceevra’s product is FDA-cleared and has been the centerpiece of two successful, multi-center, randomized clinical trials. Our customers include two of the ten largest health systems in the country, and several leading academic medical centers. We are privately held, and our team is highly cohesive and collaborative.

Ceevra is rapidly expanding our engineering team. We offer candidates the unique opportunity to work on cutting edge technology and a product that helps improve and prolong the lives of cancer patients, while doing so at a small and growing startup that serves some of the country’s most innovative medical centers.