Desktop Health

Desktop Health develops, manufactures, and markets a suite of leading 3D printing and biofabrication solutions. Specifically, their team at Greentown Labs is creating novel regenerative and biomimetic tissue grafts using biodegradable materials and additive manufacturing technologies.

Mar 31, 2022  
$100,000 - $140,000 yearly
Desktop Health is leveraging additive manufacturing and advanced materials to personalize patient care. Desktop Health is vertically integrated to develop, manufacture and commercialize applications across a range of healthcare specialties. The company is rapidly focused on leveraging its bio printing capabilities across several key specialties. Position Description: The Quality Assurance Manager will work with an interdisciplinary team to document the design and commercial manufacturing process of novel 3D printed tympanic membrane grafts (PhonoGraft) and other tissue grafts as part of the Desktop Health team. We are a small team located in Boston, MA (parking available), working to improve the lives of people with tympanic membrane perforations and other medical conditions. The candidate will work under the direct supervision of the Vice President of Biomaterials and Innovation, with support from a Manufacturing Engineer, a Mechanical Engineer, a Material Engineer, and...
Desktop Health Boston, MA, USA Full time