UserWise Consulting

About UserWise:

Our mission is simple…to SAVE LIVES lost to preventable medical errors.  Every year there are over 210,000 preventable medical errors which lead to death.  Our goal is to do everything in our power to reduce this number significantly.  Following U.S. Food & Drug Administration requirements, we do this by conducting usability studies for testing of medical products.

At UserWise, we co-create safe and usable medical products with our clients. In our studies, we recruit real-life people and observe them simulating the use of medical products to reveal ways to improve these products for our clients. UserWise is an industry leader in Human Factors Engineering for medical products headquartered in San Jose, California and with sites also in Ohio, Oregon, and Texas.

Recruitment of study participants/subjects is a critical part of conducting usability testing, which is the primary focus of the Digital Marketing Associate’s role. We are looking for someone who wants to make a significant impact in the medical field to not only prevent deaths, but also to improve patient care, worldwide.